The Longest Living Animals: From 188 years to Immortal

The longest living animals can be found in water, The longest living freshwater fish, for example,

Based on carbon dating of hundreds of species, a bigmouth buffalo was found to be 112 years old.

In some aquatic species, such as lobsters, there is a sense of biological immortality.

The mortality rate of these animals does not increase after they reach maturity.

Listed below are six of the most common tick species found in Mississippi.

Despite their ability to live very long lives, they are usually killed by other causes than aging.

A Greenland shark believed to be the world's longest-lived vertebrate has been tracked by scientists.

The Greenland shark's age ranges between 272-512. If the midpoint number represents the shark's true age, it would have been born in 1627.

The oldest human lived 122 years (and 144 days), which included the skyscraper's creation, two World Wars, and the Cold War.