“The fairy tale” that Nadia Ferreira lives with Marc Anthony

They have not yet married, but they are already on their honeymoon. Nadia Ferrera and Mark Anthony

 They spend their day to day as a couple of teenage tortolites and this is demonstrated by both in their social networks.

This time, during the European tour, they have learned as a result of the series of concerts that the musician has to offer in the "former continent."

Only three months have passed since they made their romance public, and a month since they committed themselves,

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But it seems that the two have loved themselves forever. Miss Paraguay 2021 really lives a fairy tale with her beloved, the interpreter of "Living my life."

During these weeks, the ex -husband of Danayara Torres and Jennifer López is on an international tour,

But that has not been an impediment to have a good time with his new wife, who has been his main fan in all his presentations.

Dangerous steps, fantastic hotels, impressive views and romantic exits. This is how Marc and Nadia's trip in Paris

London, Milan and Barcelona can be summarized, cities where the salsa has gone with his "pa’lla" tour.