The controversial Hollywood actor Ezra Miller: Everything you need to know

Ezra Miller presents a $20m issue for Warner Bros. That’s the budget for The Flash, which stars Miller as a spandex-clad superhero.

which stars Miller as a spandex-clad superhero. Set for release next summer,

it’s DC comics’ big roll of the dice against Disney’s world-conquering Marvel movies, such as The Avengers series and Spider-Man.

There’s just one problem, their lead actor has been involved in a string of controversies,

from hosting a woman and her children on a Vermont farm where reports have said guns are lying around, to two recent arrests in Hawaii.

The first, on 27 March, came at a dive bar when, according to police, Miller yanked a microphone from a woman singing karaoke.

Police got involved when an irate Miller then yelled obscenities and allegedly lunged at a man playing darts.

The second came a month later, when Miller was asked to leave a gathering and threw a chair,

hitting a woman and leaving her with a half-inch gash on her forehead, police said.