Streamer Mathil Says xQc Would Sell His Audience for Money

Mathil was angry about XQc's own admission that he is an addict to gambling while still promoting the product.

There are others who have addressed this issue, including Asmongold, Amouranth, and former Twitch streamer Ludwig.

The truth is that Mathil is not looking for one because he has chosen to focus on xQc and to attack him.

Nevertheless they weren't satisfied with how much money they already had, he said.

He claimed xQc was willing to sell his entire audience in order to make a few more dollars.

As a result of his agreements with his current gambling sponsors, XQc expects to earn $10 million a year

Another question that he had was why a streamer would make so much money to begin with.

“You know, sitting in a room and playing games costs a lot of money,” the streamer said.

The simple truth is xQc has a right to do with his finances as he pleases and add to his wealth in any which way he sees fit