Princefor New Home — and Their Kids Are the Reason William and Kate Middleton to Leave London

Kate Middleton and Prince William are about to make a big move.

A new residence will be built for the royal couple 30 miles west of Kensington Palace in Berkshire

Windsor Castle, the Queen's primary residence, is located in this county

As first reported by the Sunday Times, the move reflects the changing needs of the couple's three children: Prince George, who turns 9 in July, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4.

Charlotte and George will leave Thomas's Battersea prep school at the end of the current term,

The family confirms, and will enroll in a school in the Windsor area It has been widely reported that the family will live in Adelaide Cottage on the Windsor estate,

but that is unconfirmed  The palace had no comment.

In addition to the children's schooling, there are other reasons to move: Berkshire is also home to Bucklebury, where Kate's parents live

Carole and Michael Middleton raised Kate and her two siblings and still live there.