Jennifer Lopez, 52, risks baring all in bathtub with only bubbles protecting her modesty

Jennifer López risked everything while heading to Instagram to pose in a bathtub, with only a few bubbles to hide her modesty.

Jennifer López, 52, looked impressive while she took Instagram to go to fans of a luxurious appearance bath on Friday

The actress looked remarkably young while she argued her new Beauty skin care product that is done with olive oil.

Speaking about the new product that opens tomorrow in view of the 792,000 followers in her beauty account, the singer seemed to have put a filter in the clip.

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Jennifer's skin looked soft and her eyes looked extra wide as she spoke in her Instagram's story.

This is not the first time that the star considers her bathtub, since she previously hugged the bubbles into some sensual photos on June 5.

Speaking to 21 million followers in her main account, she subtitled the snapshots:

Happiness is a long bubble bath (even if you have to take a quick call!) See you later

Jennifer López, 52, looked beautiful as she tied her hair and enjoyed a beautiful bubble bath.