Christine Truman: ‘Watching Emma Raducanu brought back recollections’

A Wimbledon semifinalist in 1957 at age 16, the 1959 French Open champion recalls her tennis life in a new book

Several aspiring tennis players need a backup plan. Emma Raducanu was focused on her A-levels one year ago.

A talented junior, Raducanu was not being touted as the next big thing even by those within tennis. And then came Wimbledon,

Her stellar run to the US Open title was preceded by breakthrough wins and an abrupt exit in the fourth round.

In some ways Raducanu's story differs wildly from earlier eras, but Christine Truman finds echoes.

Emma Raducanu made her Wimbledon debut as a teenager in 2021, and it brought back memories

Christine Truman to Serve Truman was - and is - the youngest British semi-finalist ever in her new memoir, 

Like Emma, I was unseeded and had no expectations, but two weeks later everyone knew my name.

Truman rose to world no. 2 two years later and became a French Open singles champion at the age of just 16.