Avatar 2 Trailer CGI Backlash Proven Wrong By VFX Artists

Avatar 2's trailer upgraded "every single visual component," say professionals.

The backlash against Avatar The Way of the Water trailer has been disproved by visual effects artists.

A teaser trailer was released in early May, showcasing James Cameron's underwater world for the first time.

The trailer for Way of the Water went viral almost immediately, clocking over 148 million views in less than 24 hours.

The trailer and Cameron's original Avatar aren't without their critics, but Cameron and his team have had over a decade to develop new technology that ensures quality underwater motion capture.

Avatar 2's critics argue, however, that the original Avatar has lost its cultural significance.

Some have even said that the teaser trailer for The Way of the Water is not significantly different from the original trailer.

Corridor Crew released a video in which three VFX artists refute these detractors. According to these artists, Avatar 2's CGI actually updates that of the first film.

It does so in a number of important ways Though the Way of the Water team is clearly conscientious of preserving "the aesthetic of the original Avatar,"

The new trailer, according to these artists, actually makes significant improvements over the original.