About Us

Hello friends, my name is Anuraj gola and I am a blogger and I publish the latest news and other information on a news website for all of you.

Friends, I want you to keep updating you all the time with the information about the happenings in the world.

On my website Cialisprice.News you will get latest news as well as latest movies top business idea latest movies information on our website.

Friends, if we talk about blogging, then I want to tell you that I am a gov. Was working on the post of assistant grade 3 in the office but when I felt that I have to do a lot in my life for which I needed time and because of my thinking I left my job last year now I am a businessman am and at the same time a blogger

My name : Anuraj Gola

Website : Cialisprice.News
Email ID : smartindia1991@gmail.com

Where I live: I live in Biaora city of Rajgarh district of Madhya Pradesh and do my business here.

What is my business: I run a hardware shop among friends

How I came in the field of blogging: Friends, I liked blogging the most because I can tell my heart to the world, what I want and what do you think about me.

My hobby friends I have only one dream since birth that I can see the whole world only once because I think in Google Map how beautiful the world is and when will I get a chance to see it.
I think there are many people like me who can also have the desire to see the whole world like me.

If you have any question to ask me then please comment me and I will try to contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you