Netflix’s Resident Evil Trailers chack now

Netflix has dropped two trailers for its upcoming Resident Evil TV show,

which looks to throw us into the future of the horror series’ universe as we’re transported to New Raccoon City.

The swift one-minute trailer introduces us to Resi regular Albert Wesker (played here by Lance Reddick),

who now has two daughters: Billie (Seina Agudong) and Jade Tamara Smart.

Things start very utopian with the introduction of New Raccoon City in the present day,

where citizens do yoga in the streets and drink from bottles stamped with the Umbrella logo

But things soon deteriorate when the time skips from 2022 to London in 2036.

Here we see Billie and Jade trying to survive what looks like an even grimier version of 28 Days Later.